2012 IUFRO All Division 5 Conference

Dates: 8-13th July 2012

Place: Estoril Congress Center, Estoril (Portugal).

The Division 5 devoted to Forest Products of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO), along with the Technical University of Lisbon/ ISA, is organising this conference to bring together researchers in forest products and related fields from around the world.  Discussion will embrace progress and needs in research to meet rapidly increasing demands for all kinds of forest products, while maintaining the forest as a source of such products and a resource for social, economic and environmental benefits.

The IUFRO division focusing in forest products includes the use of non-wood forest products, such as medicinal and edible components of forest crops. A very strong theme is the efficient and sustainable use of forests for the good of mankind.

Conference Themes and related topics to non wood forest products are:

  • Forests for People
  1. Discussion of the broad range of functions forests will be expected to fulfil, for instance delivery of wood products, bio energy, agriculture, food, conservation, biodiversity and water.
  • Forests and Climate Change
  • Bioenergy
  • Resources for the Future
  1. How forests and forest products will meet future society needs.
  2. Climate change impact on forest ecosystems.
  3. Non-wood forest products and how they will be protected.
  4. Forest management adaption to future society needs.
  • Wood in Construction

Conference Topics

1. Wood Quality
2. Physiomechanical Properties of Wood
3. Wood-based materials and their Applications/Wood Processing (4)
5. Wood Protection
6. Composites and Reconstituted Products
7. Pulp & Paper
8. Properties and Utilization of Plantation Woods
9. Energy and Chemicals from Forest Biomass
10. Forest Products Marketing
11. Non-wood Forest Products
12. Forest Products Education
13. Wood Culture
14. The Role of Wood in a Sustainable Society
15. CORK: the ultimate sustainable forestry practice

Sessions number 11 will cover the wide variety of non-wood products found in forests around the world, and research to promote the discovery, development, and wise use of these resources. Special emphasis is on research on medicinal and aromatic plants, edible plant products and forest fungi, resins and gums, and many other so-called “minor forest products” which have long been important for rural and native people and which provide new opportunities for  commercial development. Bamboo and rattan are included.

Deadline for submission of abstracts – November 14th 2011 


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tècnica de l'Àrea de Productes Secundaris del Bosc del Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya

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