Day farm resource MAP Bio: the wild harvesting

Date: 12th June 2012

Place: Chez Alexandre Dufour et William Marotte, Blot L’Eglise (France)

Content: symposium on the exploitation of wild harvesting carried out by collectors Alexandre Dufour and William Marotte, a Blot-l’Eglise.


  • 9:30 h – Reception of participants
  • 9:45 h – Presentation of the activity of wild harvesting. By: Alexandre Dufour i William Marotte.
  • 11:15 h – Presentation of the cooperative of wild harvesting and cultivation SICARAPPAM
  • 11:30 h – Presentation of the French association of professional collectors of wild plants.
  • 12:00 h – The management of resources: example of gentian(Gentiana lutea). By:  Stéphanie Flahaut, del CPPARM

Organise: Comité Bio du CPPARM

Registration: Louise Fernandes (tel. 0034 4 92 72 47 62 , e-mail: )

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