Between 8th to 11th May 2013, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Kilis Aralik University in Kilis (Turkey)  will organise the 4th meeting of the Grundtvig Learnership Association – PLANT WILD.

During this days, the project partners will discuss about wild harvesting businesses of medicinal and aromatic plants, developing the next topics:

  • Resource description and distribution
  • Production and use estimation
  • Value chain
  • Training needs
  • SWOT analysis on the businesses related to plants WH in each country

At the end of each country presentation, a discussion will be held about the main aspects to consider on the training of wild harvesting from the businesses point of view.

They also will have the opportunity to visit some experiences and companies dealing with medicinal and aromatic plants.


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tècnica de l'Àrea de Productes Secundaris del Bosc del Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya

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