Workshop on Medicinal and aromatic plants harvested in summer

Date: 30th of May and 03d of June

Organizer: Institute of Botany of Nature Research Centre

Trainers: Jolita Radusiene and Birute Karpaviciene

The 2-days workshop on medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) was held at the Institute of Botany of Nature Research Centre. The learners most of whom work in cosmetics area were interested in knowledge of MAPs and their application for beauty treatments.

The participants were introduced to MAPs that are harvested in summer during flowering period when herb, flowers or leaves accumulate the highest contents of active compounds. An understanding of compounds accumulation related to the phenological development, localization in the plant organs, climatic conditions and season together with the main indications for use in treatment of various ailments were presented.


The training provided information on quality requirements for raw materials, harvesting techniques and guidelines for handling plant materials during and after collection. The emphasis was made on sustainable wild harvesting of MAPs.

The samples of various dried and live flowering plants were used during workshop.


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tècnica de l'Àrea de Productes Secundaris del Bosc del Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya

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