During the 5th meeting of the Grundtvig project – Plant Wild, in Solsona (Spain), experts from Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Turkey discussed about good practices on how to do a good training on wild harvesting of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), taking into account subjects, methodology, training materials and target learners.

The rising public interest in collecting and use of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) leads to the need to develop the best training model that provides diverse knowledge on sustainable wild harvesting and usage of MAPs. There is a lot of information about usage of medicinal and aromatic plants in variable books and websites, however, for proper identification of plant species the advice of a specialist and the contact with living plants are essential.

The aim of Good Practices for wild harvesting training on MAPs is to provide learners with knowledge and practical skills and to qualify them so that they will be able to perform sustainable wild harvesting of MAPs.

Six training modules were defined as follows::

  1. Basic plant science with emphasis on MAPs.
  2. Knowledge of MAPs species.
  3. Harvesting of raw materials and uses.
  4. Sustainable wild harvesting: methodology, legislation and control.
  5. Post-harvest processing of MAPs.
  6. Marketing and business.

5th report on Good practices for training MAPs wild harvesting_GRUNDTVIG PLANT WILD


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