Non wood forests products are an important but sometimes forgotten income from rural and mountain areas of Europe.

It is necessary to find sustainable economic opportunities to people still living there, to preserve the population, the natural heritage, the biodiversity and the natural resources. Wild berries are a source of interesting food rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and nowadays aromatic and medicinal plants wild harvesting is still needed to provide raw material to medicinal, cosmetic and perfumery industry.

Anyway, the wild harvesting activity has to be done properly, following sustainable good practices and focusing sustainable economic enterprises in order to fix the social success. So training on these topics is very important and tools have to be implemented properly.

The objective of the proposed project is the establishment of a framework for designing and planning and creation of the necessary tools applicable to VET Institutions and SMEs as well as to adults of disadvantaged rural and mountain areas in relation with berries and aromatic and medicinal plants wild harvesting.

These plants wild harvesting is a limited activity but one of the few opportunities in rural and mountain areas, which has to be planned properly in order to avoid overexploitation that could damage the flora and the environment, and also to prevent bad entrepreneurial management and to afford successful economies.

The specific objectives of the partnership are:

  • Promoting employment opportunities in rural and mountain areas through plants wild harvesting and artisan handicrafts and services related to them.
  • Promoting sustainable wild harvesting techniques following the existing advisory guides.
  • Generating best training practices to obtain environmental and economical sustainability.
  • Allowing partners to know other realities that may be applied to some extent in their territories.
  • Determining what tools to support trainers, learners and professionals are most useful.

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